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Mastercard Credit Cards - Mastercard issuer

MasterCard is the most popular credit card in the world. It is accepted in more than 24 million locations worldwide. MasterCard, like Visa, are actually payment systems, not a credit card. Similarly to Visa, MasterCard is not a single company but it is an alliance of more than 25,000 financial institutions who issue cards with the MasterCard brand.

Most of the financial institutions who participate in the Visa alliance participate in the MasterCard alliance as well and vary often there are speculations that the two organizations are actually not competitors but collaborators. It is difficult to say if this is so because at least de jure Visa and MasterCard are different entities without any chances to merge into one, or at least not until antitrust legislation is changed to allow such a merger.

In addition to the MasterCard brand itself, the MasterCard alliance owns some other popular brands like Cirrus and Maestro. It is really an impossible task to list all credit, debit, prepaid, contactless and other types of cards that are issued by the companies in the MasterCard alliance. Only the Gold and Platinum credit cards that are offered by different MasterCard members are over several hundred.

MasterCard, like Visa offers cards for virtually everybody – starting from students, to people with bad credit, to outstanding customers with brilliant credit history. The nuances in offerings are so subtle that one needs to read tons of documents in order to choose the most suitable card. For instance, although Platinum and Gold credit cards are generally for customers with outstanding credit, there are MasterCard offers with exceptionally good terms, like 0% Intro ARP, no annual fees, many rewards, etc. that even people with far from perfect credit and a relatively low income qualify for.

Also, there are offers of unsecured credit cards even for people with bad credit, though in many cases the conditions are certainly not great but still this can be a life-belt for somebody who is desperate to get a credit card and can't afford to pay the deposit for a secured card.

As already mentioned, MasterCard operated in almost any country in world. There are many local varieties of MasterCard credit cards that are acceptable only in s given country or a region but there are also truly international credit cards, like World Card and World Elite Card, which additionally offer many benefits to the card holder. Similarly to Visa, you need to check with your local institutions first about the terms and conditions they have for issuing credit cards and then you need to apply for one. Again, if you get a rejection by one MasterCard issuer, do not give up but simply try the next one.

One of the recently introduced MasterCard credit cards is the contactless PayPass card. MasterCard PayPass makes payments even more easier because all you need to do is to tap the card in the appropriate reader, without having to swipe it or to give it to cashiers. PayPass is relatively new and it is still not used in all locations where MasterCards are accepted but this is one of the first attempts to make payment with cards really easy and therefore accessible by all social groups. However, PayPass is often criticized because of its low security, so people who favor security over convenience will hardly become PayPass fans.