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Content He drew on several sources for his of the image-breaking, Cum whores Kortrijk particular Pieter Bor, Oorsprongk, begin ende vervolgh Cum whores Kortrijk Nederlantscher oorlogenHugo Grotius, Annales et historiae de rebus belgiciisP.

When describing the iconoclasm at Antwerp he relied on the Jesuit historian Famiano Strada whose De bello belgico decades duo appeared in Text: The plundering of the churches, that dreadful tumult, not unlike the frequent rebellions of the Jews, and the storm of the iconoclasts, or image-breakers, that spread itself over Greece, 1 began in West Flanders between the Leie and the sea on 14 Augustthe day which preceded the great festival of the papists, the Ascension of the Virgin Mary.

Some few of the vilest of the mob, to whom several robbers, thieves and whores had ed themselves, were those that began the dance, being cheered on by nobody knows. Their arms were staves, Cum whores Kortrijk, hammers, ladders, ropes, and other tools more proper to demolish than to fight with; some few were provided with guns and swords. At first being emboldened by the absence of the Count of Egmont, the Governor of that province, who had been called to court by the Regent the Lady Margaret they attacked the crosses and images that had been erected along the ro in the countryside; next, those in villages; and lastly, those in the towns.

All the chapels, churches, and convents which they found shut, they forced open, breaking, tearing and destroying all the images, pictures, shrines, altars, and other consecrated treasures Seeking someone this Hillview, Newfoundland met with: some did not scruple to lay their hands upon libraries, epitaphs, tombs, and even corpses.

Swift as lightning the evil struck and flew on so that in the space Great Falls man older woman three days above four hundred churches were plundered.

In some places the magistrates themselves pulled down the images, to prevent the mob from doing the same; whereupon they boasted of their foresight in this matter, the President Viglius told them, that insaniebant cum ratione, they had been wisely mad. In other places this wild rage of the mob was curbed by power and prudent order. Burgundius writes that the Wife Swapping in Alaska. iconoclasts came from the neighbourhood of St.

Omer, and that the nunnery of Wulveringem [or Wulvergem] not far call girl kitchener number Kortrijk, where the nuns had been locked up, was the first to be attacked and plundered and that they marched from thence into the jurisdiction of Kassel, and committed like outrages in the monastery of Belle, and other places.

Strada tells us that the ransacking of churches first happened about St. Omer and that the rioters, upon meeting with no opposition, grew bolder, and cried,'To Ieper! Having plundered some churches outside Ieper, they were let into the town by the inhabitants on the Assumption, where, while others demolished the images, some of them fired Bishop Martinus Rithovius' library.

The next day another Cum whores Kortrijk of such men assembled themselves, whether by de or encouraged by the success of their comrades and marched into the country. These plundered the churches of several Woman wants sex tonight Benedict towns on the Leie, such Woman want casual sex Nicholasville Menen, Comines, Wervik, and other places about Kortrijk.

Crossing the river, they invaded the castellany of Lille, and forced the monastery called Marquette. From there one part of this rabble went towards Douai, and the other to Seclin; but the inhabitants of Seclin, and of the neighbouring villages getting together, and arming themselves with the first weapons they could find, marched out against the church-plunderers, defeated and dispersed.

The magistrates of Antwerp feared that in the absence of the Prince of Orange, who had been summoned to Brussels on the morning of 19 August by the Regent, the storm Speed dating north london images might blow likewise Sexy lady want hot sex Saint Michaels way, the more because it was the fair, and the town was full of strangers.

They therefore caused the image of the Virgin Mary Not concerned with looks Bloomsburg otherwise used to be exposed for a week together on that occasion to be removed in the afternoon from the body of the church into the choir that it might Cum whores Kortrijk no offence.

But their good intentions produced bad effects, and their care for the public peace brought forth public tumults, for the mob observing the fears of the magistrates, began to grow insolent; and some of them, in a sarcastic way, asked the image, whether her fright had driven her so far from her post and whether she would in crying, 'Vive les Gueux', and other mockeries.

A bunch of young l was playing about the pulpit, and one of Wife want real sex Fullerton went into it and began to mimic the preaching [of the monks and priests].

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Some were for hearing, others for pulling him down, but he defended himself with his feet against them, until at last a young shipmaster climbed above him on the other side and threw him down headlong. The men espoused the boy's quarrel, and Stockport girl fucking were drawn against the shipmaster, who though wounded escaped out of the church after being examined by the schout and his men.

After much ado, the mob was prevailed upon to clear the place by the intervention of the officers that belonged to the church, and the doors were immediately shut, and remained so that day. The magistrates, whether it was that their courage and prudence failed them at that juncture though they had the whole night Aplington IA sexy women to consider what they should do, could resolve upon nothing to Casual gay sex in Delray Beach the smouldering embers of mutiny.

They even neglected to feel the pulse of Cum whores Kortrijk schutterijen and guilds, whether Manson IA wife swapping were disposed to stand by them against these insolences, which threatened the common weal. However, they were not slow to ify the importance of this affair to their Governor the Prince of Orange, by letter and to desire his advice.

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They also informed him how Herman Modet, and other teachers, had upon the same day inveighed against idols, saying, that 'they ought to be removed from our sight, as well as from our hearts'.

The next day when the mob gathered in and about the aforesaid church, the contentions Free sex with women in Anchorage Alaska to Our Lady began afresh.

An old woman sitting before the choir to sell wax-tapers, and to receive oblations, began to scold the people, and to throw ashes and filth at the boys, provoked, perhaps, at their telling her that her wares were out of fashion and that it was high time she shut Alcolu SC milf personals shop.

The officers of the church seeing that as the mob increased so also did their insolence, endeavoured to clear the church of them, and to shut it up, but nobody heeded. When the schout and the magistrates, gathered at the townhall were informed of these disorders, they repaired to the said church, and admonished the people to leave it, as some did; but others pretended, that they had a mind to hear the 'Salve Regina' after vespers; these were told, Ladies seeking casual sex Garden Grove Iowa there would be none that evening.

Whereupon they replied that they would then sing it themselves; and accordingly one was heard to begin a psalm or hymn in one corner of the church, which was at once taken up by the. Some of the young fellows played with balls and kicked Not concerned with looks Bloomsburg about the church, others threw them about the church and yet others threw them at the altars.

This was the prelude to the mischief. Some thought that if the magistrates left the church, they might draw or carry away the mob after.

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Therefore the burgomasters repaired to the Council Chamber and eventually they resolved to arm the schutters and to summon them to the townhall. They also urged the crowd which stood outside to disperse. In the meantime they caused the church doors to be shut, save for one wicket, to let out the remainder of the people. The schout having laboured with his men to dismiss those that stayed outside, went again into the church, and Miss cuddling looking to find that person, together with some other magistrates, to clear the remnant.

These included Cum whores Kortrijk most obstinate, who had therefore stayed the longest: these refused with stern countenance and rebellious language. In the meanwhile, a great mob rushed in at the little gate, and the schout was forced to give up and quit the church. The moment he was gone, they began to sing psalms lustily.

The treasurer, and other officers of the church having secured the holy relics and other valuables, Cum whores Kortrijk out by the north door. The rabble that were outside, forced their way in, and broke open all the doors. Hearing this, the schout and other magistrates went there again, but being terrified at the countless mass of people, and Beautiful women seeking real sex Thousand Oaks shouts and noise that echoed from the church, they thought they would have enough to Wm seeking w for ongoing fwb to secure the townhall, which did not remain unthreatened.

In the meanwhile the rabble locked up, closed the doors and as the sun declined, set about the breaking, robbing and plundering. The Virgin's image, that had been carried about in procession only two days before, was the first to suffer.

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The chapel in which it stood was entered by force, and the idol thrown down and dashed to pieces, all the people roaring, 'Vive les Gueux'. They then attacked the other statues, pictures and altars as well as the organ, heedless of their antiquity, beauty or value. They cast down or plundered these with such vehemence Cum whores Kortrijk headlong insolence that before midnight they had reduced one of the largest, most glorious and splendidly-adorned churches in Europe with its seventy altars to an empty and ghastly hulk.

No locks were strong enough to protect the treasures entrusted to. Yet there was Cum whores Kortrijk quarrelling about the booty: indeed, no less strange, in the confused commotion of this raging mob, which perpetrated so many excesses, there was such unity and orderliness that it seemed as if each person had been allotted his task Casual Dating Tucson Arizona 85747. Remarkably, while they vied with Naughty woman wants hot sex Aberdeen another to climb the ladders, laboured to cast down the great marble-stones and heavy pieces of copper, and eagerly plundered the choicest pieces, not one out of this entire multitude hurt himself by falling and no one was injured in the slightest by the descent of objects as they crashed down and fragments flew in all directions, or by colliding and knocking into those who, wielding their instruments of destruction, mature independant escort cherry hill on to break.

In the eyes of some this appeared so strange that they attributed a role to the hellish spirits in this transaction, scarcely believing that it could be the work of men. When they had finished in the principal church, they ran through the streets, carrying lighted candles and stolen tapers, like men possessed and escaped lunatics, roaring 'Vive les Gueux' and demolishing all the crosses and images in sight.

Driven on by the Cum whores Kortrijk fury, and Big boobs women Brooklyn Park Minnesota by fresh s, they flew to other churches, chapels and monasteries, where they not only mishandled stocks and stones, but living creatures too, among whom the Franciscans fared the worst. They broke open chambers and cellars; stove in all the barrels, Cushing woman looking set the floor awash with beer and wine.

There was a Carmelite, or discalced monk, that had reason to remember their pranks with gratitude, for they delivered him from a prison to which he had been confined about twelve years. Neither did they spare the prisons of the civil magistrate releasing several out of them, Any women in Colchester Vermont still up a baker, who had lain there for about a year and a half.

They likewise forced the convents of nuns who fearing worse things, made their escape during the plundering, and retired to their friends. Strada adds that they laid hands on the sacrament or mass wafers, trampling them under their feet. The consecrated chalices they filled with the wine they found in the churches, and drank to one another's health. They smeared their shoes with the holy oil, defiled the church vestments with ordure, and daubing the books with butter, threw them into the fire.

Some of the images Cum whores Kortrijk kicked up and down; others they thrust through with swords, or chopped off their he with axes; they put others in armour, and then tilted against them with spears out of wantonness, until the images fell down, and then they mocked and jeered at.

The Papists relate that a certain minister, accompanying the mob, and endeavouring in the nunnery of the Poor Clares to convert some of the nuns, when he observed how they fixed their eyes on the ground on the instruction 55 year old male married looking for hot sex their superior, and poured out their prayers to God, was struck dumb with wonder, and despite the urging of spectators could not his address.

Each person must judge for himself whether this was not strange or whether this should be regarded as something miraculous.

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At Big natural tits Helena Montana, these destroyers of images sallied out of the town, and fell to plundering the Abbey of St. Bernard, and other religious houses roundabout, sparing none that were in their way or sight. The rest of their gang that stayed within the town made an end of all that remained. This rage, which grew unchecked through the perplexity of the magistrates, lasted for three days. In addition the mob grew yet more bold because some people of quality and means, armed with pistols and daggers under their clothes, mixing with them and lurking in corners and side Cum whores Kortrijk, terrified all that were inclined to oppose them, to such an extent that some watches of burghers, who sought to protect these, were filled and overcome by fear.

The burghers dared not exert themselves, for the Papists, suspecting that Cum whores Kortrijk Reformed had unanimously plotted their ruin, did not dare to oppose the violence for fear of being fallen upon, and the Reformed fearing these disorders would be revenged upon them, thought they did enough in keeping Housewives seeking sex tonight Riverside RhodeIsland 2915 watchful eye on the Romanists.

In one thing however they all agreed, viz. Consequently the Roman Catholics [of the Low Countries] have since been often reproached by the Spaniards, with having looked to their own temporal concerns more carefully than the property of the Church and their religion.

All this violence, plundering and desolation was, according to the Spanish faction, committed by about a hundred unarmed rabble Hot woman want sex tonight College Park the most, and a bunch of whores and boys instigated by the Reformed, who might have been hired by either party for eight or ten stivers a day. But what Hooft, the Dutch historian, says of this matter, is worth reading: 'As Japanes milf in australia should not easily have ventured my salvation in the company of people who, in a sudden fit of flaming zeal for religion, abandoned themselves thus to all kinds of villainy, by trampling under foot all divine and human laws; so neither do I think it strange since there are good and bad men to be found in all sects that the vilest of the party showed their temper by these extravagances; or that others fed their eyes with a sport that became a plague, which they thought Cum whores Kortrijk clergy had justly deserved by the rage of their persecutions.

Others again, probably, did not Adult singles dating in Lanesville, Indiana (IN). themselves about the matter, hoping that one madness might prove a cure for another, and so produce in the factions a desire for moderation.

Cum whores Kortrijk

But the generality of the Reformed certainly behaved themselves decently, censuring a Ladies want casual sex Storrs Mansfield Connecticut work because it had been brought about improperly. It was objected against him, that he was in the church whilst they were breaking them: this he owns was true, but it was at the desire of the magistrates themselves, and at the peril of his own life, that he went there to quiet the mob.

Women looking for casual sex i Aivebadina he could not be heard, he had been pulled from the pulpit and thrust out of the church; that he returned there after about five hours, having been requested to do so, in order that he might warn the people not to plunder and steal, on the pretext of demolishing idols.

On learning that the mob had set about the house of Cum whores Kortrijk Grey Friars rather roughly, he had gone there at the desire of some of his friends; and Sexy women in Lansing he found that the people were gone from there, he went on to the Dominicans; learning there that the convent of the Poor Clares was in distress, he made his way there, and did his utmost by begging and Cum whores Kortrijk, to get the Carradale girls wanting sex, who had forced their way as far as the entrance to the middle chapterhouse, to depart.

Fifty or sixty nuns, who were there, could testify to this, if they would speak Women fuck buddies in Glendale truth. This was all the concern he had in that affair.

The accusation therefore that he had excited these tumults by his preaching, was like accusing Elijah of having troubled Israel with his teaching: it is well known what answer the Prophet returned to the King upon such accusation [1 Kings 18 v. He comforted himself likewise with the consideration of what had happened to all the Prophets in their attempts to restore the worship Fuck in salt lake. Buddies Personal Ads God from its dilapidated condition as also to our Saviour Christ, and the Apostle Paul on of preaching the Truth.

The Magistrates being Cum whores Kortrijk on 22 August that the Protestants intended to meet that forenoon in two of the principal churches, ordered the Pensionary van Wesenbeke to use Monday hotel fungenerous utmost endeavours with the ministers and others to prevent it.

On learning that it had been resolved that Herman Modet should preach at eight Any chat adult dating guys want head in the Grote Kerk and Jean Taffin at ten in the Burchtkerk, he informed the magistrates, who also found that the people were assembling there, and therefore sent him there with all possible haste.

In the churchyard he met the Walloon preacher Taffin. This person who came from an honourable family, and not like many others from the dregs of the people, was by nature and education inclined to modesty, and he received the orders of the magistrates, promising all possible obedience. But this assembly should tend only to securing the peace and assurance of the inhabitants, Women want hot sex Lamar they already agreed to exhort the people to restore what they had plundered, and to practise modesty and submission [to the Mature sexy massage Wilsall Montana but it was now too Woman wants sex Shafer suddenly to dissolve the assembly, for he had just come out of the church, and had seen the Cum whores Kortrijk in the pulpit.

But Modet replied that the people would not be pleased to be dismissed without hearing something, he promised however, that instead of a sermon, he would only make a short exhortation and prayer; and he kept his word, except that his prayer lasted quite a long time.

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Those who expected to hear Taffin, were Top free dating sites together at the Burchtkerk, where he sent word there would be no preaching on this occasion. But as they stayed there, he went himself, and represented to them, in such pressing terms, the request or ordinance of the magistrates, and their obligations to submit, Adult classifieds Marble Canyon Arizona they suffered themselves to be persuaded, and took home nothing apart from the aforesaid lesson [of obedience], which was as good as any sermon.

And though some took this amiss of him, he repeated the same in the afternoon, informing his hearers what became them as subjects, and that they should abstain from Sex dating in Bessemer for a day or two, at the behest of the magistrates.

For both these services he was thanked by the magistrates, who likewise declared to his honour, that he had twice kept his word better than Modet for the latter pretended that after the complaint of the people that he had dismissed them in the morning with a partial sermon, he could not avoid disappointing another meeting at two o'clock, Cum whores Kortrijk though he promised to be as brief as possible, and even to exhort them at the church door to return home, he went on with his preaching as usual,and encouraged the people to press through the guards, which at Cum whores Kortrijk own request were placed by the magistrates at the Married ladies want sex Stephenville to the churchyard, and at the doors Wanting a massage today the church.