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Citi Credit Cards

Citi Group Corporation is the issuer of one of the most popular brands of credit cards – Citi credit cards. There are over 150 million Citi cards in more than 40 countries worldwide. The assortment of Citi credit cards is extremely rich and probably this is the main reason why they are so popular. Sure, there are many other credit card issuers who offer credit cards for everybody and the sole fact that Citi is offering many types and varieties of credit cards is not enough to keep them on top positions but the cleverly thought and diverse Citi credit cards, that meet the requirements of practically all consumer groups are exceptional. Citi offers both Visa and MasterCard cards and in some countries it also issues Diners Club cards.

Citi is not the only issuer that offers really basic cards but its family of standard credit cards, including the very popular Simplicity card do appeal to a large segment on the market – the segment of people who want just a credit card, only a credit card and nothing but a credit card. A remarkable feature of the Simplicity card is that it is low interest and without annual fee. There are no rewards for shopping but actually this is its charm – customers know that it is actually them who pays for the rewards they are given and that it is the rewards that make a credit card more expensive in terms of higher interest rates and fees.

Of course, Citi does offer many rewards and travel cards as well. The rewards program is also very diverse and there are about 20 different rewards cards. There are credit cards that give rewards for banking with Citibank or for shopping with particular retailers. These cards are great for people who have the habit to bank with Citibank and to shop at the selected retailers because they would be doing the same even without a reward and when they get a reward for this, it is bargain for them. On the other hand, this type of reward cards allows Citibank and the selected retailers to acquire new customers, so the bargain is to mutual benefit.

Very beneficial terms and conditions are offered for college students as well. The student credit cards from Citibank don't require a co-signer, allow to have funds for emergency and some of the cards even welcome saving money and earning rebates, which is really generous for a student credit card.

Business credit cards are also diverse, though there is no so much choice as with the business credit cards offered by Chase. There are both rewards credit cards and rewards-free ones. As with many business card issuers, Citi offers attractive rates for additional cards for employees.

There are also Citi retail credit cards, like the Home Depot credit card and the Sears credit card. Home Depot is great for large and small home improvements. The Home Depot credit card comes in two varieties – for individuals and for companies. One of the drawbacks is that most, if not all Home Depot credit cards are valid only for Home Depot stores and a couple of other related stores but this is standard practice for any store-issued credit card.

The Sears credit card is similar to the Home Depot credit card because it can be used mainly at Sears stores and a couple of affiliates of theirs. An exception in this case is the Sears Gold MasterCard, which combines a Sears card and a MasterCard, which means that it can be used everywhere a MasterCard is accepted and additionally offers benefits for shopping with Sears.