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Chase Credit Cards

JPMorgan Chase, most popular as Chase only, is one of the major issuers of both Visa and MasterCard cards, especially in the USA. JPMorgan is an influential member of both the Visa and MasterCard alliances, so it is not surprising that both Visa and MasterCard cards with the Chase brand are among the leaders on the credit card market. Having a Chase credit card is not only prestigious but it offers many other advantages as well. Probably because of this many people are not satisfied with their credit card possessions, if they don't have a Chase card in their arsenal.

If you ever thought that choosing a credit card, or a debit card, or a prepaid one is fast and easy, try Chase! They offer so many different types of cards (over 100 altogether) that it will make your head spin. Although most issuers offer all or most types of credit cards, like standard credit cards, secured credit cards, rewards credit cards, gold and platinum, Chase certainly tops the list with its diverse offers.

Chase offers general purpose credit cards, rebate credit cards, entertainment credit cards, travel credit cards, auto & gas credit cards, retail credit cards, student credit cards, college and university alumni credit cards, credit cards to support organizations, military credit cards, sports credit cards, business credit cards – practically the whole gamma of credit cards currently on the market. Besides, Chase has some truly unique cards – for instance cards that allow to make donations to selected charities with every purchase you make are not that common.

But it is not only that Chase offers all types of credit cards. What is more, Chase offer many choices for each of the types (rewards credit cards with points or cash, platinum cards with different types of rewards and different credit limits and interest rates, and so on). That way, you can spend a lot of time comparing them and if you are patient enough, you will certainly find the ideal card for you (and let's hope you qualify for it). Well, spending days onend looking for the ideal credit card may not be exactly what you dream of but the results are very rewarding.

The tasks of choosing the right Chase credit card becomes especially difficult if you need a credit card for many purposes. For instance, you are a student and you need a gas rebate card. It might be possible that exactly this type of credit card is offered in your location but if not, you may want to get two separate cards (provided that you are eligible for) – one of the student variety and one of the gas rebate variety. Or you may have to put up with a general purpose card, though most likely it will not offer all the benefits of student and gas rebate cards.

One of the most interesting credit cards in the Chase portfolio are the Platinum ones. There is really a whole lot to chose from! Chase Platinum credit cards are ideal for funding large purchases, because they offer a low (or even 0%) interest rate, high credit limits and a long introductory period. Again, there are so many Platinum cards offered by Chase that you need to spend a lot of time comparing them and deciding which one is the perfect for you!